Marzipan anyone ?

My kitchen ramblings at the moment all seem to have a common thread running through them…..lock down, food, ingredients, not the right ingredients, saving recipes for post lock down. You get the message.
Today is Good Friday. Now I don’t know if you are like me but Easter this year has suddenly arrived. I have not been excited about buying chocolate eggs or thinking about lunch on Easter Sunday. We are all living in this surreal bubble not knowing which day of the week it is, what time of day it is, having breakfast when we would normally be washed and dressed and starting the day.

I was going to be sharing all sorts of recipes, British and European Easter traditions in the lead up to the bank holiday Easter weekend but in the present climate it doesn’t feel quite right when people are worried about their families, loved ones, jobs etc etc. Traditionally lent – the time for fasting ends on Easter Sunday and is the time when feasting begins after what is classically known as the hungry gap. This was the time of year when Northern Europe struggled to produce much fresh food. However as families can’t be together, for me, to be chatting about chocolate eggs, hot cross buns and Simnel cake doesn’t sit well. So, later today I am going to be baking a lemon and marzipan cake with lemon butter cream and decorated with mini eggs. After all, marzipan is as much a symbol/tradition of Simnel cake at Easter as it is in Christmas cake and is one way I can enjoy cake this weekend.

Happy Easter x

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