Feast to famine

How poignant when I sat down in the garden earlier this week to read through my foodie articles that there should be an introduction to a recipe by Yottam Ottolenghi. It totally encapsulates what, as stay at homers – I think I have just made that term up – we are trying to do. I think his description ” to rustle up a meal with stuff that needs to be used up ……it’s brilliant to be reminded of the joys of a fridge raid” sums up the current times. After all, who doesn’t remember the Nigella series with her sneaking down to the kitchen at night to raid the fridge.

Another writer, Tom Hunt also mentions that “the worlds finest cuisines are based on the zero-waste peasant dishes of yesteryear” and that it is “thought that Upper Paleolithic tribes practised food storage techniques, preserving foraged seasonal gluts to eat year round”.

I was therefore delighted when I shared a recipe recently in a facebook group that I am a member of, for celeriac & feta cheese muffins. Another member was reminded of them when she was looking to bake something and adapted my recipe to suit what she had available, replacing the feta with cheddar cheese and the addition of chilli. As the supermarkets gradually begin to refill their sparse shelves again, now that the panic buying is over, we are hopefully not at the feast to famine stage and if there is anything positive to come out of this whole situation it must be people’s attitude towards food and food waste.

It must be a reminder to be inventive with our ingredients and have the confidence to go off piste. So, I am off to look in my cupboard and see what I can rustle up otherwise I am heading off to foradge in the hedgerows to pick some nettles. Watch this space!

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